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Grand Opening Highlights

Laurel Austin Studio & Gwen Morris Studio combined to make Austin & Morris Studio had our grand opening celebration last night and it was a big hit!  We had 435 South Magazine publisher Kathy Boos in attendance with Editor Kimberly Winter Stern, Frank Gazella ~ Owner of Pieroguys Pierogies brought lots of pierogies for the crowd, Katie Murphy of Lenexa Lifetime Fitness brought lots of free passes for everyone, John Holt of Fox 4 news was there to celebrate with us, Cydney Boler ~ Ms Essence 2011 arrived with her crown and sash to meet & greet!  Trevor Goodwin of The Sweet Tooth was there with a variety of mini cupcakes to sample and enjoy!  BubbaJohn Seafood, Staci Broski of 7th Row, Brian Bruce of Sound Affect, & Reggie Banks of Blackberry Castle Productions were all in attendance and showing their support!  Here are some pics of the evening:

Gwen Morris & Laurel Austin


Cydney & Brad Boler


Laurel Austin & John Holt of Fox 4 News


Frank Gazella of Pieroguys Pierogies with Ellie Gundlefinger


Brian Bruce, Kimberly Stern, Les Ganninger


Cathy Austin, Laurel Austin, Sharon Henderson, Glen Boxwell

Fredrick Hale, Staci Broski, Laurel Austin, Reggie Banks

Cathy Austin, Humberto Ramirez

Laurel Austin, Katie Murphy


BubbaJohn & Fredrick Hale




2 responses

  1. Really nice photos and great fun was had by ALL;=)

    September 3, 2011 at 11:30 PM

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