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Mission Hills Wedding : Catie & Clint

The evening was spent in preparation for one of the biggest & fanciest wedding receptions at the Mission Hills Country Club.  An international wedding, with family coming from as far as Germany & Mexico for the blessed event.  Clint & Catie promised to love, honor & cherish each other for the rest of their lives.  Today was the day.

Clint & Catie, I wish you the best!  Your wedding was so beautiful and detailed.  Thank you for your kindness and generosity extended towards me as well.  Much love & gratitude!

The day started at Mission Hills Country Club as the bride, Catie & her bridesmaids assemble themselves together to get ready for the evenings event….

Catie, you’re so beautiful.  Really.

The best part about getting married today… simple things are the loveliest.

A ceremony to behold.

After the ceremony, a very traditional Clint & Catie at the altar

And a cherished evening it was..


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