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I’m back!

Hello everyone!  It has been a long time since I’ve updated the blog…

But I’m back ….

While I am still a portrait photographer…I am doing new things.

In April, I started co-hosting on the radio with author, publisher, and radio show host Zen Garcia.   I’ve been on a few other shows too, Israeli News Live, Rise up Children of God, Rob Skiba, Awakening Liberty with Sean Caron.

In August (5th and 6th) of 2017, the kiddos and I traveled to OK to pick up Cathy Dunson (also Zen’s co-host and side kick) and we all traveled to Georgia to Zens house, then on to Duluth, GA to the DeNoon Institute of Biblical Research “Global vs Flat Earth Debate”.



So much fun!  Spending time with Zen and Cathy, Steven & Jana Ben-Nun, Mark Sargent was there too!  We met and got to know so many people!


Zen has also added me as the “Wellness Writer” at Sacred Word Publishing.  So far I’ve written 2 articles for the newsletter.


So, almost a month ago, I was able to witness and photograph the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017.  Zen bought for me the Nikon P900 which is the perfect camera for photographing the sky, stars, moon, and of course, eclipses!


Stay tuned…more to come!



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